Fischboedele 11:49



These nature recordings were made on 21/03/15, on a two-man hike led through the foothills, woodlands and mountain passes surrounding the town of METZERAL— which lies in the V of a deep, sleepful valley in the southern stretch of the Vosges mountain range— in order to celebrate the coming equinox, and salute the arrival of Spring.
The recordings are subject to no form of compostion, and save the editing out (for the listener’s benefit) of the excessive blowings of noses and coughing noises (it was bloody cold), and the shortening of certain tracks, the sounds you are about to hear— which we hope in our hearts you will enjoy— come to you as we, or rather our recorder, heard them.
Noteworthy also is that this CD-R marks the beginning of SOLEILS BLEUS: a record label directed by Quentin & myself, which found it’s name in a painting we saw in an exhibition of children’s drawings held in Strasbourg 19/03/15, by the collective VIE, who are our brothers and sisters, entitled Allanna it’s not me. The painting showed, in a vertical row in the upper right hand corner, three big, blue, shining suns. We found this very beautiful.
Our means are lean: a photocopier, a few microphones, a good deal of passion and whatever money we have in our pockets. But, hey, better to drink wine from the hands than water from a pretty cup. —Of course, the ultimate is wine from a pretty cup— but we’ll get to that later. In the mean time, love and peace, and if ever you wish to get in touch, or be informed of our goings-on: soleilsbleus.musique (at) gmail.com -R

Ces sons ont été enregistrés en montagne en mars 2015, sur les sentiers au-delà et au-dessus de Metzeral. Ils sont le témoin des premiers jours du printemps. Ils sont aussi pour notre micro-label, l'occasion d'une première publication. Ross l'a dit plus haut, c'est une peinture d'enfant où figurent trois soleils bleus qui sera le point de départ de l'identité formelle générale de nos objets (C.D, streaming, fichier).
SB000 est l'Equinoxe d'un désir commun, lié au son, aux sous-bois en pente raide et aux musiques oubliées dont l'écho persiste dans les cavernes. Et aux guitares fumantes.
Nous avons une imprimante laser Noir et Blanc, des pochettes plastiques, du papier et un tampon bleu. Il n'y a rien à ajouter maintenant de peur de parler trop tôt mais c'est avec humilité que les récits dorment pour bientôt se reveiller au compte-goutte, en nombre (!!!) sous la lumière matinale des trois Soleils. Les publications/éditions/sorties (comment appeler ça?) de notre label, à ce moment-là, seront peut-être dotés d'une autre parole. D'ici là, commençons dans tous les sens.
Salutations à Robbie Basho. -Q



released September 21, 2015



Artwork by Quentin Richter
Recorded and engineered by Ross Heselton

Recordings selected/edited by Quentin Richter & Ross Heselton

Technical: Zoom XYH-5 > Zoom H5 > Ableton Live 9 (montage; EQ)





Soleils Bleus Strasbourg, France

Micro-record label and publishing house for folk and experimental music, writing, drawings, poetry, etc !

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